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Business Captains

Business Watch Captains are part of an integrated effort, overseen by WLBA, with coordination from West Grand Neighborhood Organization, to have businesses watch out for each other in an effort to protect property values and business integrity.
Business Watch Captains are the eyes and ears of WLBA. They monitor activities of fellow business owners in a coordinated effort to ensure compliance on a number of levels.
Business Watch Captains are not required to disclose that they even serve in that capacity. In fact, on those occasions when they do find it necessary report violations, they are not required to engage any fellow business owner in any manner which could produce potential conflict between business neighbors. Rather, they report any findings to WLBA, which has a system in place to encourage non-compliant businesses by offering assistance.

1. Report any situation or activity that hinders or discourages consumers from visiting a business or businesses in the area.
2. Report building code violations or structural issues.
3. Report unsafe, unsanitary and/or unkempt properties in the area.

1. Exterior problems such as chipped paint, graffiti, or other substandard building upkeep.
2. Structural damage, such as broken windows, faulty gutters or excessive garbage/rubbish.
3. Abandoned vehicles.
4. Areas that harbor crime, such as railroad tracks or suspected drug houses.

1. West Leonard Business Association, by phone or e-mail to:
Johnny Brann Jr. (johnnybrannjr.@branns.com, 308-0699)
Susan McKey (shadeshop@sbcglobal.net, 459-4693)
Ben Rausch (ben82288@hotmail.com, 304-5389).


River to 131- Mark Alcock
131 to Hamilton- Susan McKey
Hamilton to Quarry- Dave Shaffer
Quarry to Muskegon- Jim Hale
Muskegon to McReynolds- Jane W.G.
McReynoldsto Jenette- Jody Haan
Jenette to Widdicomb- Jeff Joyce
Widdicomb to Pine- Johnny Brann
Pine to Lincoln- Ben Rausch
Lincoln to White- Jon O'Connor
White to Frederick- Sean Ellis
Frederick to Dick- Cathy Zykowski
Industrial Areas- Dick Szymanski